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2 Bioprinting Technologies 
For Only €19,999*

Close the year with the best 
3D bioprinting technologies in your lab!

Black November offer includes the acquisition of our two 3D bioprinters, TissueStart™ and TissueRay™, for a
never-before-seen discounted price of €19,999*.  

Combine the best of each technology to make your research
more relevant and comprehensive. 

 *Shipping fees and taxes not included

3D Bioprinter

TissueStart™ was specially designed for scientists who are just starting to work with biofabrication. It weighs only 4 kg and does not require air compressors to operate. It also has a unique, proprietary, extrusion system, capable of combining different bioinks, enabling complex 3D tissues. It is constructed in plexiglass, offering high resistance, long durability, and easy cleaning.

3D Bioprinter

TissueRay™ is the first masked stereolithography (MSLA) 3D bioprinter in the market. Bringing the speed of light to 3D bioprinting, TissueRay™  offers the perfect combination of high resolution and high throughput. The light-based system allows the creation of microfluidic devices, organs-on-chips, cell-laden constructs, and scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.

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  1.  Orders must be placed between 01 November 2022 and 30 November 2022. Purchases made after 30 November 2022 will not be accepted to participate in this offer;
  2. This offer is valid for researchers who purchase the two 3D bioprinters - TissueStart™ and TissueRay™ - together ("combo"), becoming entitled to a discounted price of € 19,999 (nineteen thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine euros).
  3. Shipping fees and taxes are not included in the €19,999 value of this offer;
    Each researcher can purchase one, and only one, combo during the offer period.
  4. Only 20 (twenty) combos will be made available through this offer. Only the first 20 researchers that place a simultaneous purchase order for the two 3D bioprinters - TissueStart™ and TissueRay™ - are eligible for the discounted price of €19,999;
  5. Regardless of the foreseen participation period, this promotion can be finished earlier, if there is a total distribution of the available combos (20 units);
  6. If there are any questions regarding the regulation you can e-mail about it;
  7. Participation in this offer characterizes the acceptance by the participant of all the terms and conditions established in this regulation.
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