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To celebrate the launch of the newest 3D bioprinter in Latin America, we have an incredible offer. If you buy more than USD 3,000.00 in MatriXpec™ bioinks, you’ll get a TissueStart™  as a gift. It’s that simple: buy one, get the other one for free!



The first step is to request a quote for MatriXpec™ bioinks through this form or e-mailing us through info@tissuelabs.com. When you receive the quote, choose the proper combination and product quantities for your research. When you complete the purchase of at least USD 3,000.00 (or R$ 10,000.00 if you’re in Brazil) of MatriXpec™  products, the researcher must register the respective invoices in the form below. Once the registration is validated, the researcher will receive a TissueStart™  3D bioprinter as a gift from tissuelabs.

Step 1

Request a quote  for MatriXpec™ bioinks.

Step 2

Purchase USD 3,000.00 worth of these products.

Step 3

Register your


Step 4

Receive your




The TissueStart™ 3D bioprinter has the following specifications:

  • Extruders: 2 (piston)

  • Compatible syringes: 3 mL and 5 mL

  • Photopolymerization: 405 nm (near-UV radiation, avoids cellular death)

  • Built in acrylic for easy sanitation and transportation

  • Dimensions: 330x280x230 mm

  • Weight: 3.6 kg

  • Layer thickness: 100 μm

  • Resolution: 25 μm

  • Printing volume: 125x80x80 mm (x, y, z)

  • Supported substrates: Blades, Well Plates and Petri Plates

  • Energy requirements: AC 110V/220V



You can find the entire regulation on this link.

Below are the main points of the regulation:

  • All Latin American researchers developing research projects in national territory are eligible for this promotion.

  • Purchases must be validated between 05/01/2020 and 12/31/2020 and registered on this website until 11:59 PM BRT, 12/31/2020. Registrations made after 12/31/2020 will not be accepted.

  • This promotion is valid for researchers that complete purchases totaling the minimum value of USD 3,000.00 (or R$ 10,000.00 if they are in Brazil) in MatriXpec™ products from TissueLabs.

  • The participant will receive the TissueStart™ 3D bioprinter in up to 90 business days after the register validation for their purchases.

  • The participant is responsible for properly filling up the registration form. If the provided e-mail is incorrect, TissueLabs is not responsible for the incorrect information provided.

  • The participant will receive 1 TissueStar™ 3D bioprinter for purchases totaling the minimum value of USD 3,000.00 in MatriXpec™ products during the participation period. The registration and premiation will be limited to one per personal document number. More than one registration per participant or personal document number will not be accepted.

  • 20 TissueStart™ 3D bioprinters will be made available, so that only the first 20 participants that fill the invoice registration will receive the gift.

  • Regardless of the foreseen participation period, this promotion can be finished earlier, if there is a total distribution of the available gifts.

  • If there are any questions regarding the regulation you can e-mail info@tissuelabs.com about it.

  • The participation in this promotion characterizes the acceptance by the participant of all the terms and conditions established in this regulation.

  • This promotion is categorized as “Comprou-Ganhou” and is independent of any lottery, contest, or any similar operation, therefore it’s not subject to any previous authorization established by the article 1° of the Brazilian Federal Law 5.768/71.


Can I receive the MatriXpec™ bioinks along with the TissueStart™ 3D bioprinter?


Yes. If the researcher isn’t interested in using the MatriXpec™ bioinks before receiving the TissueStart™ 3D bioprinter, TissueLabs can deliver the bioinks and the bioprinter together. However, we emphasize that the MatriXpec™  bioinks does not need the TissueStart™ 3D bioprinter to be utilized, as it can be used for the tridimensional cell cultivation in conventional cell culture blades.


Use the form below to register your invoice(s) and request your  TissueStart™ 3D bioprinter.



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