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TissueStart™ is the most cost-effective 3D bioprinter on the market. It offers the quality of a flagship 3D bioprinter for a fraction of the price.

TissueStart™ 3D Bioprinter

TissueStart™ was specially designed for scientists who are just starting to work with biofabrication.  Our award winning bioprinter offers the best cost-benefit on the market. TissueStart™ has the quality of a premium bioprinter, for a fraction of the price. It is a completely fixed bioprinter, with no need for mechanical calibration, to find high precision and reproducibility. It weighs only 3.6 kg and does not require air compressors to operate. It also has a unique, proprietary, extrusion system, capable of combining different bioinks, enabling complex 3D tissues. It is constructed in plexiglass, offering high resistance, long durability, and easy cleaning.  

Technical Specifications
  • ​Extruders: 2 piston extruders

  • Compatible syringes: 3 mL and 5 mL

  • Photocuring: 405nm (near-UV radiation, safe for cells)

  • Constructed with premium plexiglass for high resistance, long durability, and easy cleaning

  • Dimensions: 33x28x23 cm  (13x11x9 in)

  • Weight: 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs)

  • Layer thickness: 100μm

  • Resolution: 25μm

  • Build volume: 12.5x8.0x8.0 cm (4.9x3.1x3.1 in) (x,y,z)

  • Supported plates: Slides, Well Plates, and Petri Dishes 

  • Power Requirements: AC 110V/220V

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