TissueLabs is building the platform for creating tissues and organs in the lab. 

An unconventional company, bringing cutting-edge technology in the field of organ fabrication to the market

We started as the life project of someone directly affected by the problem. This very personal life project, however, rapidly became the life project of a bunch of truly obstinate professionals. All these people are devoted and focused on our long-term goal - to create the first transplantable bioartificial heart in the world.

Because we do not want our technology confined inside the walls of our laboratories and only brought to the market after ten, fifteen years. Every new development we conceive, we transform it into a commercially available product. This allows the whole scientific community to create a series of different organs and tissues. 

"We were born with the mission to produce human organs for transplantation."



We are the ones who introduce new methods and ideas.


We are the leaders of our own stories.


We show courage and strong determination


We have a strong desire and determination to succeed.


We live for our strong feelings and beliefs.


We are efficient and effective working as a team.

"Paving a future where organ failure won’t necessarily mean a death sentence"

TissueLabs is unconventional and will continually make ambitious bets on new technologies that support organ fabrication. We believe that in the future, treating a disease will be like changing a broken light bulb. TissueLabs will play a key role to make it happen, paving a future where organ failure won’t necessarily mean a death sentence.