MatriXpec™ Hydrogels

MatriXpec™ hydrogels are developed to offer tissue-specific microenvironments for 3D cell culture. MatriXpec™ hydrogels allow running experiments in truly representative substrates that mimic the biological clues of the native extracellular matrix. Besides the conventional MatriXpec™, we also offer MatriXpec™ Print hydrogels, which are chemically modified to allow UV photocrosslinking. MatriXpec™ Print hydrogels are developed to offer an optimal combination of biochemical and biomechanical properties for bioprinting 3D constructs based on tissue-specific microenvironments.  

MatriCoat™ ECM Surface Coating

MatriCoat™ is developed to transform the traditional tissue culture plastic in a tissue-specific surface for bi-dimensional cell culture. When using the MatriCoat, cells are exposed to the extracellular proteins present in the native tissue of interest, increasing the reliability and significance of your research 

MatriWell™ Cell Culture Inserts

MatriWell™ are cell culture inserts containing a hydrogel with tissue-specific extracellular matrix proteins, designed for fabricating 3D epithelial barriers in vitro. When cells are cultured on MatriWell™ , they are exposed to an air interface on their top and a near-liquid interface on their bottom, an "air-gel interface". This setup mimics the exact microenvironment cells would find in the native tissue. 

Other Consumables

Despite our proprietary technologies, tissuelabs also offers a series of consumables that can be used for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and bioprinting applications, including:

  • Alginate and alginate-based bioinks;

  • GelMA and GelMA-based bioinks;

  • Neddles, nozzles, and adapters for hydrogel extrusion;

  • Support bath for FRESH bioprinting;

  • Photoinitiators;

  • And more...


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